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The kiss. It’s a marvelous invention, capable of waking sleeping princesses and heralding the ends of romantic comedies. A species of activity all their own, kisses are learned and experienced worldwide, at some point in almost every adolescence… but in every almost, there are outliers.

For Andrea Booth, love is a foreign language, with kissing its own dictionary of impossible terms, words like trust and tongue and not too much teeth, a language she’s resigned herself to believing she may never come to learn… that is, until budding filmmaker and resident best friend Sam Hill dangles the metaphorical mistletoe that’ll make it all possible.

After a wild night at the local dive, Sam conceives of his capstone project, a documentary that will center on Andy kissing an assortment of vetted and pre-approved young women, each of whom will rank her and comment on her performance, allowing Sam to track her progress. By the end of the project, Andy should be a pro. Should be. But even the best laid plans of best friends can go awry in the most unexpected ways.

As Andy, hungover and hopeful, admits, “It’s just crazy enough to work.”