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Dawson Schachter
(Founder, Executive Producer, and Tech Expert)

An eight year veteran of technology startups, Dawson brings the ability to build a streaming platform geared to audience/creator relationship building. He’s a tech geek with a sharp creative bent. Writing, designing, coding, if it tells stories he’s on board. Vast New Media is Dawson’s way of changing the world through storytelling. Change the stories, change the world.

Suz Plachy
(Writer, Designer, and Organizational Wizard)

Suz has been writing stories since her first novel “My Cat Tom Barfed” took the parents-of-elementary-school-children demographic by storm. From there she went to school for technical theatre and now works as an electrician for theatre and television in New York, writing through the quieter shifts and all of the free time she can muster. She’s very passionate about: stories, dumplings, diversity in media, Tuberculosis, and people who block busy sidewalks.

Maddie Ardillo
(Co-Creator Skittish, Writer, and Pun Master)

A storyteller from a young age, Maddie fell in love with television and film over the course of four years at Point Park University, garnering an Award for Excellence in Screenwriting for her senior thesis feature screenplay. Like every recent grad with a pair of two dollar sunglasses and a dream, the move to Los Angeles was the next obvious step. In addition to writing, Maddie occasionally serves as team chef and all around jester, keeping stomachs full of soup and hearts full of bad jokes.