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Twins Daniel and Danielle Prince have been cursed to be forever one entity in the eyes of the media that keeps a close scrutiny on one of the wealthiest, best connected families in the entire city. Behind closed doors though, they are drastically different people who struggle to understand one another.

Cyn Brandish has been working at least three jobs since high school ended, it leaves her scant time for her true love: art. She could care less about the inner workings of the royals of the city, but when the Prince twins throw an art gala as part of their regular programming of charitable events she finds herself accidentally stumbling into one of the most prestigious yearly gatherings of the ultra rich.

The collision between the Prince twins and Cyn explodes into a journey into the wilds of self discovery, friendship, love, and heartbreak. In the end, as in all good fairytales, none of them leaves the woods unmarked. Will they all find their happily ever afters? Or are fairytales just for certain kinds of people?