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A community of diverse storytellers who are building a space and infrastructure to support the new ways we engage with media and entertainment.

We believe in the power of storytelling to change the world, that diversity is not a buzzword and our entertainment and art should better reflect how vast the world really is.

We believe that everyone getting to see people like them (and people not like them) in media is fundamental to the purpose of art, entertainment, and storytelling.

We believe that with intentionality and the right new infrastructure to support it the new ways we interact with media and entertainment will help give rise to more diverse voices.


The revolution will be televised. Be one of the first to tune in.



Vast TV is the platform we are building to support and encourage the new ways audiences, creators, actors, and others interact and engage with each other and creative works. More than just streaming, this platform will support all the new realities of being a content creator and a fan.


All the infrastructure in the world won’t take you anywhere without some vehicles. The vehicles of the creative world are stories. Vast New Media currently has three shows in development and is constantly looking for stellar new stories  from diverse voices to get involved with.


More than ever the team behind every project matters. People with heart and passion and a dedication to this vast, beautiful world of stories is a critical element of why and how we succeed. Get to know our team, they are an amazing group of talented, passionate folks.


Vast New Media is in its early stages of developing and growing. Every bit of support we can get helps us move our stories, our platform, and our dreams closer to reality. As with all new projects, this is beginning as a labour of love by dedicated storytellers, but it is not without expenses. If you’d like to help us pay for some of the time, materials, and effort involved please consider donating to the cause!